With an awareness of the reasons to despair, an array of opportunities to arrive at meaninglessness, and the knowledge of the incapability of this current world order to meet the needs of the human soul, I believe there is a world beyond the seeable horizon that is daring us to dive deep into its reality; a whole other world drawing us at this very moment towards a new awareness of what it means to be human, what this is all for, and why we are all here - beckoning us to a new way of seeing that changes everything (society, culture, nature, and our hearts) and that is pulling us evermore into its tender grasp, leaving us awestruck and dumbfounded by wonder - if only we will allow ourselves to become childlike again, lacking in the need to know everything and willing to exist within a simple state of being. 

I believe if we open those mystical eyes to see, and say goodbye to the things that hinder us from being sustained in a peaceful state of knowing (abiding), the whole world will become an endless excursion of boundless finding, effortless beauty, and endless meaning, even in the midst of immense struggle, division and despair. It is trying to tell us that at the other end of our minds there is a door, and that, once knocked upon and freely opened, leaves us caught ever-so willingly within an endless journey towards boundless joy that cannot be taken away even if we lose our very lives.

Is there a way we all must go to find true human flourishing? Could it possibly be like falling through the eye of a needle, drawn by Gravity into the eternal now like stars, drawn into the current of the flow of the universe? Is it feasible to believe that the atoms that make up our skin is the substance that sustains every living thing and every distant planet? Can we know if everything is bound to evolve forward into absolute wholeness and universal flourishing? And are we intricately involved and invited into the process of building this new world? 

This journal is an attempt for me to put into words the things that give me meaning, the findings along my own journey of knocking and abiding that provide a newly realized state of contentment, and the explorations of ideas that somehow all seem connected. 

I hope that the words on these pages brings you encouragement as you inch along your own journey, and that together, we can inch forward towards true human flourishing and wholeness.

Stephen C. Stonestreet is a filmmaker, photographer, and aspiring writer with a life-long passion for people, storytelling, spirituality, theology and family. For a short time of 10 years, he has been asking questions and keenly intrigued by issues of religion, world systems, psychology, history, theology, and what we have made of the world, for better or worse. His greatest search is to find the roots of our despair and our troubled humanity, with a desire to find a way of explaining the current state of things and bring forth some substantial shift in the way we interact, connect, and abide with one another, God, and the nature all around, causing a collision of unity between Divinity, self, and the 'other', ultimately to lead us to universal reconciliation within the human condition through processes of personal and inner enlightenment, sacred spiritual experience, and whole person transformation.

His belief is that earth is our home, heaven is already here, the ultimate destiny of all things is wholeness and unity, and that everything belongs

Stephen is (still somehow) a follower of Christ and currently resides wherever his wheels tread, constantly journeying between his three central landing places: Charlottesville, VA, Charleston, WV, to Portland, OR. 

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