FURTHERING PEOPLE, their work, and our world THROUGH



SON.  Storyteller.  Preserver.  Mystic. 



Stephen C. Stonestreet is a filmmaker, photographer, art director, and writer whose passion is to further people, their work and our world through the art of storytelling.

Over the past 8 years, his work has taken him to local and global communities working on social impact and awareness campaigns and telling stories of people and their work through the visual arts.

From a 7th-generation salt-making family in Appalachia, to a rural town revitalizing their community in the Heart of the Billion Dollar Coalfields; a cocoa farm & agrarian village in Trinidad & Tobago, to documenting the lives of immigrants from Appalachia, Stephen's passion is to tell powerful stories that impact culture & remind humanity of their true identity as one people.

Based in Appalachia's central state of West Virginia, where he is a 5th generation native, with studios in the historic Elk City of downtown Charleston, Stephen enjoys reading mystics like Berry & Rohr, drinking specialty coffee coupled with good conversation, and exploring his families heritage and land in central West Virginia.

He is currently working on new personal passion projects surrounding topics like the regional transition of Coal Country, Appalachia's identity, and hemp farming in rural America, among others. He is currently in process of applying to attend the Sterling College's School of the New American Farmstead, as well as The Center for Action & Contemplation's "The Living School", in 2017/18. He is also working to till and keep his families homeland in Braxton County, West Virginia (Read more of his story and heritage here). 


HOPE is found IN our SHOVEL



“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts - such is the duty of the artist.” 

|   Robert Schumann