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Moments before this photo was taken, everyone vacated the beach because a storm was rolling in, leaving my sister and I alone as the storm approached, passed, and the sun came back out. 

It's been a transitional season for me, moving to Virginia from Tennessee in the pursuit of a vision that has been simmering and growing in my heart for some time. When I glanced at this photo after capturing it, it reminded me that the wait has not been in vain; that though I wait, it is not empty, and at the right time, it will be spoken, "Let there be light".

Often the fog of the storm can get in the way of clarity, but there's something to be said when one can wait, content in the storm and faithful to pass through it. Progress only comes when we let hope be stirred until the light is revealed and vision returns. 

"Progress is not always forward motion." - Lauren Stonestreet

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