A People for the Common Good

"This one choice of each individual life dictates the health and regeneration of our world, or the deadly, corruptive system we often see today."

The injustice we see and lack of health and love in our world can be directly connected to the illusions we allow in our lives. These illusions of reality dictate our desires and pursuits, and end up corrupting ourselves and our world. 


From hysteria in our rural communities because of fear and illiteracy • a world no longer built for the common good due to the desires of fame, celebrity, sex, entertainment & fortune • a loss of reality and real connection to the people around us due to the electronic age • fake connectivity & relationships with people wearing facades of reality, which creates loneliness & depression • a consumer culture that is no longer based on needs but endless desire • an advertising world that dupes us into buying only from corporations & not local business, thereby destroying local economies & creating poverty • a food system run & controlled by corporations that kill agricultural communities, along with their cultural heritage and history • an energy system that creates war & political corruption, fueled by corporations that have created our consumerist culture that will never stop consuming every resource our world has to offer, which makes someone go without as we live in excess... The list goes on and on. 

How do we stop these things from impacting our lives and the world around us? Can't we see that all these things lead to death? It's all a cycle, and everyone is responsible... It all leads back to our desires, to what we decide to pay attention too as a people, as human beings, and what we allow to rule our hearts, minds and spirits. 

Jesus' prevailing message was to show humanity a way towards a better life and world, described through what he called "the Kingdom of God." This was all based around self-sacrificial love and a personal life designed for the common good - it was shown for the purpose of transitioning humanity into peace and collective unity, built around one simple idea: love God and loves others. 

Its sole purpose was to lead us to a better world built for all, telling us the truth that our desires for pleasure will destroy us, but our love is what transforms us and gives us purpose and peace. It showed us that our human condition of death is directly connected to our uncontrolled desires (what traditionally was called "sin", but has lost its clout in reason years). And what Jesus taught, through his words and personal example, was that the only way towards equality, empowerment, justice, peace and the establishment of universal love is the dying of each of our selves each day and a choice to give up ourselves for the common good. In this, we find purpose, meaning, power, forgiveness, truth, joy - heaven on earth.



But first, we must love ourselves into active change.

And it all starts with the realization of how our choices effect ourselves, those around us, our world and our future. Then, as we see how everything around us is all interconnected, both physically and spiritually (just like the scientific fact that if a butterfly flaps its wings one too many times, a tsunami could happen on the other side of the world), we know that what we choose to do and how we pursue this life directly effects everything around us and eventually comes full circle to ourselves again... This one choice of each individual life dictates the health and regeneration of our world, or the deadly, corruptive system we often see today.

It all starts with changing our desires, our minds, our worldview - changing our pursuits and lifestyle in order to benefit the growth of a world built for the common good - laying down of our lives, like Jesus did, as well as Mother Teresa, Ghandi and MLK did too, for those around us. For as scripture speaks:

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." (John 15:13)

It all starts here: our individual lives.

So let's become the people of the common good.

IG Feature on @PostThePeople

Moments before this photo was taken, everyone vacated the beach because a storm was rolling in, leaving my sister and I alone as the storm approached, passed, and the sun came back out. 

It's been a transitional season for me, moving to Virginia from Tennessee in the pursuit of a vision that has been simmering and growing in my heart for some time. When I glanced at this photo after capturing it, it reminded me that the wait has not been in vain; that though I wait, it is not empty, and at the right time, it will be spoken, "Let there be light".

Often the fog of the storm can get in the way of clarity, but there's something to be said when one can wait, content in the storm and faithful to pass through it. Progress only comes when we let hope be stirred until the light is revealed and vision returns. 

"Progress is not always forward motion." - Lauren Stonestreet

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