As a visual storyteller and art director, my passion has always been to further people, their work, and our world, digging my roots deep into various works that align with my fervor for human transformation. 

In the late winter of 2007, I made my first international trip to Medellin, Colombia, where I worked with a team to support a humanitarian organization working to restore the lives of street children who had been effected by internal displacement due to war and insurgency, resulting in issues like poverty, gang violence, substance abuse, and sex and drug trafficking. Looking back now, the realization of the effects of displacement and disconnection from the land, family culture, and agrarian village has had vast negative implications in the health and vitality of our international, as well as local, communities, much due to the rise of the Industrial Age and the growth of corruption that caused issues like those I've seen in Colombia and elsewhere. What this experience brought out in me at the age of 16 was a greater awareness, larger perspective, and growing empathy that has continued to emerge and expand since and effect my life, passions, and work. 

In 2009, I returned for the 4th time to Medellin, Colombia with a team of artists to document the stories of these children and the work of the Open Arms Foundation in an effort to raise awareness and support for their efforts. This resulted in my first branding and social impact campaign, leading to another trip the next year to create seven films in seven days with seven original scores called "Seven Glimpses of Hope." What began as a short-term humanitarian trip lead to 5 years of passion work that deeply impacted the vision of my life as an artist, producing a faith in the power of storytelling to shift perspectives and transform communities.

Since that time, I've continued my work as a visual storyteller and art director, started a creative company with a keen focus on impacting our world for good through the art of storytelling, including social impact, branding, and awareness campaigns for social good organizations that work in 12+ countries around the globe.